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Monday, 28 February 2011


Special events that worth pictured in life depends on how it marks the classic and epic feelings inside you.One of a million i have in my mind is the surprise birthday party these girl made for me! They were really genius doing this stuff..
They will always be my sweet memories and friends!
Still with the surprised reaction during the cake-samurai cut! ahaa.. It isn't about the cake after all..the joyful effect  counts!
                                          Memory Pictures by Lucy Maud Montgomery
A wide-spring meadow in a rosy dawn
Bedropt with virgin buds; an orient sky
Fleeced with a dappled cloud but half withdrawn;
A mad wind blowing by,
O'er slopes of rippling grass and glens apart;
A brackened path to a wild-woodland place
A limpid pool with a fair, laughing face
Mirrored within its heart.

An ancient garden brimmed with summer sun
Upon a still and slumberous afternoon;
Old walks and pleasances with shadows spun
Where honeyed odors swoon;
A velvet turf with blossoms garlanded;
A hedge of Mary-lilies white and tall;
And, shining out against a lichened wall,
A stately-golden head.

An autumn hilltop in the sunset hue,
Pine boughs uptossed against the crystal west,
And, girdled with the twilight dim and blue,
A valley peace-possessed;
A high-sprung heaven stained with colors rare,
A sheen of moonrise on the sea afar,
And, bright and soft as any glimmering star,
Eyes holy as a prayer.
The cream smooches..another make-up lesson girl..
For those who interested with make up tutorial you can click the link below..trust me.. Emma is one of the guru! 
Gorgeous sisterhood! Who's your sista?
           The Sisters by Rainer Maria Rilke
Look how the same possibilities
unfold in their opposite demeanors,
as though one saw different ages
passing through two identical rooms.

Each thinks that she props up the other,
while resting wearily on her support;
and they can't make use of one another,
for they cause blood to rest on blood,

when as in the former times they softly touch
and try, along the tree-lined walks,
to feel themselves conducted and to lead;
ah, the ways they go are not the same.
The Veronica, The Donnas and The Poison Ivy..trio slam on the piece of cake..
The round of cherry cream chocolate..

Special v.v.i.p gift..thanks keith & emma
[pictures by Alip,mel and hendry]

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Thank you for the memorable journey guys! Hope we will have successful future ahead.. God bless us Bachelor In Applied Language Studies: English for Professional Comm. (min.business) UiTM Shah Alam 2007/2010
Victory belongs to the most persevering. 
Napoleon Bonaparte

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. 

LG220 and LG221


A friend asks me on how i did my 'amateur' static banner..well..it is so easy and all you have to do is to come up with your own design +_+
[banner created by Miss.Debrah Rocx] for best fit scale it to not less than 890 x 280 Design your banner with any editor that results you the best tone and effect. This one is just a static banner but I have the idea to change it later;p
After you have done and ready with your image or design banner, go to Design tab on your blog and click  Edit  which can be found  at the corner of your page element under the Navbar.
Tadaaa..now the final step! The Configure Header box will appear  right after you click the Edit i mentioned previously^_^  It is recommended to fill the blog title text field and the blog description..upload your banner and choose placement according to your interest or which best suit your banner or image! Remember to click SAVE and for satisfaction need, you can always PREVIEW it before set the banner to your blog +_+ 


When life is too painful to handle with, do not wait any longer.. It is your turn to let life handle you! Enjoy every moment like it is the last pleasure that you are able to experience. I love the world and its scenery! Girlfriends, thanks for understanding the craziness within me. I love you!
Fluorescent adolescent feeling! miss.debrah rocx fall in love with the world..or the lamp? -picture taken at Putrajaya heavenly garden <3 

My hot girlfriends!

Pillow fight during one night craziness at hotel somewhere in KL [the shopping trip + the Emma's love coming!]

Miss. debrah rocx with her girlfriends at Putrajaya

Esther, mel and debrah rocx. Ooh i love the scenery at Putrajaya! thanks mija & bf for the holiday trip!
++Miss. Debrah Rocx loves outdoor trip++

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Music, fashion and what? gotta be food -for me;p Being student isn't about books and assignments all the time.. something tickling inside..just by the fried, roasted, boiled smell..it is the perfect time to fall in love baby-butterflies sting!
Penang laksa at old skool kopitiam..i finished it by my own;p

Boost your appetite! my favorite fried ice-cream and fresh orange juice at Bintang Sidewalk!

The all time-  should be on my order list! Chicken porridge that can only be found at Anggerik Cafe in UiTM Shah Alam. 

Must have muffin and hot coffee at Abu Cafe. Sorry, i bitted earlier;p


Almost missed the tonight's event here in my hometown.. well..my parents did planning to go without us-the loud girls to Tbn  hall but the greatest gift of the other sis- OVERHEARD saved us from being left out from the night-live event..hahaa I forgot to bring along my camera but i did recording 75% of the event.. And yeah..Tbn's very own Francis Landong won the main award and best composed-song category. Comment? -oh well all singers are very talented and gifted. Support our Sabahan local artists! Music is life so no music, no life ^_^
The old drum rockin


~*~I am falling in <3 with lomography lately! any idea about lomo? the easiest way to 'dictionary' this stuff is by Google on Diana F+ or Holga. Why? because i am wackiest, weird, vintage and alternative type of alien..hahaa..

picture taken from my bedroom window..reminds me of my secondary school journeys.. 

 Grow up and die..

 Fish eye and cross processed..

 A million steps ahead..

 it is all about the hair..

 The cute gratitude.. 

Thank you lovers..
Anyway..this is my lomo-esque experience..