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Sunday, 27 February 2011


When life is too painful to handle with, do not wait any longer.. It is your turn to let life handle you! Enjoy every moment like it is the last pleasure that you are able to experience. I love the world and its scenery! Girlfriends, thanks for understanding the craziness within me. I love you!
Fluorescent adolescent feeling! miss.debrah rocx fall in love with the world..or the lamp? -picture taken at Putrajaya heavenly garden <3 

My hot girlfriends!

Pillow fight during one night craziness at hotel somewhere in KL [the shopping trip + the Emma's love coming!]

Miss. debrah rocx with her girlfriends at Putrajaya

Esther, mel and debrah rocx. Ooh i love the scenery at Putrajaya! thanks mija & bf for the holiday trip!
++Miss. Debrah Rocx loves outdoor trip++


  1. i love ur blog bebeh~!!sia pun in progress buat blog nih..i have no time b4 but i surely have tons of time now..hahaha...

  2. thanxs chica!mesti buat n sila jdi my folower alrite babe..hehe