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Monday, 8 August 2011

MCMF batch 1 SABAH

It has been a while since my very last post and that was like months ago..right after my graduation on May this year, I suddenly received a call which claimed to be mypartners' people and promoted me to join their programme which known as My Career, My Future and it is under Mohe collaborating with Scicom Academy. The representative told me that the programme will be held around 6 weeks and most of the time, the course will cover English communication and interview skills as well. I was not interested at all but right after she mentioned allowance and certificate will be provided, I let her ended the conversation with my agreement to join. After few weeks, with the patience of my great dad to send me to the venue which was UMS, it nearly broke my own patience to know that all of those time, we were all had been given wrong information or should be typed as miscommunication in channeling during the first phone call! OO gosh.. Shouldn't they to be blamed or not, I still have to accept another big fact at that time which was to undergo an interview session in order to qualify me to join the programme. Hahahaa..it was so funny and a bit weird at that time because that was my first time been in a situation where there was no feeling of excitement or nervousness! I just got myself into the interview room with three other girls and yes, we were all can answer the interviewer's questions and such a miracle to know that I succeed to get through it. Woahh..that was my very alpha and sure not omega time to pass in an interview session! LoL..now dont look at me like I am a loser for saying that..well.. Hmm okay..now lets move on to the other part of this story..after a day of the class held at UMS under Scicom Academy respected trainer I began to understand that the course is prepared to help graduates to polish their communication skills in order to prepare them facing the real challenges in a real workplace after they graduated from the MCMF and lucky for us, it was the first time being held in Sabah with the selection of only seventy candidates from UMS itself, UiTM, polytechnic and private institutions. The best and could had been worst moment during the early day was when we had to introduce ourselves to unknown people..i mean strangers..some of us,the candidates might be friends but most of all, we are total strangers..hahaha.. But thanks to that, we have a bond now-friends! Talking about the class, trust me the trainers really knew what they were doing and heaven yeah, we were having cool lessons everyday and that was including dancing, acting and singing! Tulibu dibu yeahhh.. Rm15 per day might sounds cheap as for the allowance but the experiences are the most expensive and memorable. Thanks MCMF!

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