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Saturday, 3 August 2013


Being involved with temporary a.k.a contract employment for the past two years..seems like i am quite compatible with teaching and instructing. I am fond of management kind of thing but seems like fate drags me to the opposite road of my childhood dreams. List it all..i have tons of teaching experience from pre-school to university level. Well..they say everything happens for a reason. Lets see how the reason gonna look like. As far as i can see it is not that bad being a teacher instructor or a lecturer. It feels like it is such a pure, honest position in whole world as a giver to the young generation. Whenever you look into their eyes, it is the right moment to realize that they might show their laziness and how super uninterested they are with your class-but deep inside those thin layer of cornea, they are hunger of new knowledge.
"the product produced shows our effort level into it"
-debrah rocx

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