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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Losing Extra Carb

It has been the third time i went to hill-hiking with some friends throughout this year and i feel...yes, tired but awesome! I never really interested with going up to any higher spot or location in my entire life but heaven yeah..i did conquer Mount. Kinabalu during my teenage era.. As for now i don't consider my age as teenage anymore but the fun of climbing has never fade away..lol. We usually went hiking or hill jog in the evening for some twilight moment as in a movie where lovers fall in love watching the view (well heyy we never really went there with special partners) and goaadd...we're always capturing the image of ourselves up there by not counting the same angle or place like yesterday's pictures~ talking bout being obsessed with our own faces..jk! I cant see where this story goes without jumping to the main point of today's activity (o.O)
Sally texted me for almost twice regarding the activity that supposed to be TODAY. I am so sorry babe, blame my phone for not producing sound or vibrate since last night;p I know i am too lazy to be there before 6...am...hell yeahhhhh BEFORE 6 AM! for what again? FOR HILL JOG! plus my un-exercised fat and muscles, i don't know if it would be a good idea to hill jog at such hour (~.~)/ I know I gave her my 'Yes,i'm going' last night and without splashing any fresh tap water on my kinda-sober face, i screamed at my young sista to join us that morning. Some of our friends were already up there and took the long kilometers from the hill behind our yard. I've been thinking on how energetic they are doing the long run during this super lazy month! From our very first spot of "the waiting area", we can see their silhouettes on top of the hill and they were watching over the sunrise. Okay..so we missed the best moment of today's jog (=.=) Forget it! we continued our morning journey to the top and OMG i can really feel the super itchiness on my biceps and laps! is it what they call 'calorie burn'?? it was freezing cold out there..i can hardly catch my breath without sweating. Sally and my sista were leaving me behind as i know they don't carry extra weight on their legs(=.=) okayyyyyy...i knew on that time that i really need some service from the nature. A stick! yes a stick to support me against the gravity! i managed to find one and after a few challenging wet and soak red mud, we finally did it! Right after i look at those 'athletes' (plus a weirdo) up there, i knew it was finally over. Thank you Adidas for being my second foot! The three of us were laughing and i can imagine myself with Sally and my sista 'trip-trip' Destiny Child singing "Survivor" song and doing the dance..hahaaa mulau.

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