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Monday, 12 August 2013


Lotsa couples are getting married during this school holidays and those who are invited feel so happy because of the joyful ceremony plus free buffets and 'drinks' ;p (including me) My cousin was getting married few days ago with a beautiful lady from Ranau. Ranau is just next to my hometown and as far as i can verify; most of friend and relatives are married to some lucky people from this particular hometown. The journey to Church of St. Peter Claver is just kilometers away and with the unpredictable speed of the boss of my parents' house while driving his 4x4, we were able to get there on time. Seem like it isn't taking more than an hour to be there! The church is quite beautiful and i believe it is a new church since i saw another old building next to it. I saw three husbands & wives-to be stood in front of the church and were ready to walk along the aisle toward the altar. How i wish to wear the beautiful gown with my future husband;p Okay..so they said that after the holy matrimony, we'll be heading to the bride's house which is located at Togop Darat. Yes..i hadn't heard the name before but it sounds cool right? So the adventure began at Bongkud, a place which is opposite of the road to Hot Spring if i'm not mistaken. We passed few villages along the way..as far as i can remember they were Kinasaraban.. Perancangan.. Pinawantai..more that i can't remember.. Right after Perancangan, it isn't an asphalt road anymore. Seemed like more than an hour, i had to be patient with the cramped muscle i felt due to the imbalance vibrates caused by the graveled road. At that time i was praying hard so that we will reach there sooner! Not just the graveled road, the convoy team were also had to face with the thick dust caused by the vehicles used! Deep inside i tried to imagine how big the love that my cousin has to his now-wife. He came through a long journey to get his bride and i wonder how their love blooms and sacrifice its fuel and energy:) Okay.. True Love across the universe! It was getting hot and hotter so we stopped at few locations..it was kinda hard to see the view outside of the car since it was super dusty all over when it being driven on the road so i took the chance to see the panorama by jumped out of the car every time the hand-break was pulled-up. Yes..it was hotter but it felt really nice to see the view! After a long imbalance road we were reaching Togop Laut and i was like "Ooo please lord..i can't wait to see Togop Darat" well dude & babe, there are no beach or ocean at Togop Laut..almost there..almost there..fuhhh there was a signboard to Togop Darat at the end of a road..so..another bridge with wide river underneath to cross by..and woahh it felt like we were going into a gothic village the moment we saw a buffalo skull with its horns hanged on a pillar at the center of the river. My dad said that it is meant to be a warning for those who ever think about catching a fish from the 'tagal' river. Oh at last~ we were at Togop Darat..beautiful village i would say (^_^) Congratulations to both bride and groom!
I was walking toward the Grotto outside of Chruch of St. Peter Claver, Ranau.

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