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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Oo gosh..now here comes the beauty of woman's spells..the more urgent and yes the more it gets you irritated with the urgency. Come on..can't life be more easier with technology? but it really sucks sometimes..especially the online application thingy..heyy I am not talking about the online+application..but yes..online application...suck..now you know how the previous sentences sound irritating and annoying..awwhh..I was trying to get done with this one online application thingy which costs me 21 dollars and tiring day yesterday..and today..the only reply I get is...NOTHING...
Ok..i know what to do..for time like this..I should go out and have fun myself..dancing in the sky with diamond..looking at the sky makes my day calm..guess it is because sky is the first layer to heaven...
Because the sky is wide
i let go of my dull day
because the sky is wide
i try to figure out my tommorow
because the sky is wide
i realize that i am not the only people
because the sky is wide
i know it is too high
because the sky is high
it makes my head move up 90 degree
-miss.debrah rocx-

Debrah Rocx loves nature

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