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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I am so into the scene styles! My first and always idol is Hanna Beth..a very genius girl and everything turns into bling-bling on her! But I am not gonna paste every details of her to me..because i have my own sense of style or fashion too..dark but still edgy too..isn't it sounds so dramatic..well..scene queen is drama queen on cam;p lol But based on my humble opinion..scene style is greatly influenced by music..every fashion does..if not music, it must be the situation-to-revolution then..you know like the vintage style..in 1920's girl's hair was so short..imagine the Caesar's hairstyle on girl..but it really was! and the clothes were all about to protect themselves from the war harm..i'm not kiddin..i read about it  on one of the forgotten-already site..ngehehee But talking about scene again [oopsie..my fingers talk more than i do..] hardcore and screamo might be the main influence..but style will always be a style..the kiddo stereotype tells so -.-  
when it was all about the vintage shirt. hooded sweater and gigantic shade..scene style will never break my heart. [pixture of debrah rocx and lisa zoe] 
I love scene style!