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Thursday, 3 March 2011


Yesterday was a total fun! We were having a thrifty experience at the thrift store here in my hometown..the best thing about thrift store are - unique+branded+affordable - and yeahh..for indie a.k.a underground fellas thrifty store is the best place to spend your money..imagine for the original limited edition Bape hoodie, you can grab it from 25 to 15 dollars..the range is much cheaper than the original price! Well..some people might have problem with thrift stuffs since most of the products are 2nd-handed..but who's care anyway right..?
My pick? err..I was just looking around and helping Chowder find the best sweater for him..but next time for sure, i will strolling there again and pick one that suits my fashion sense;p
Chowder in love with thrifty store!

Chowder says;
"Fashion has no gender"
I believe the statement! 70% feminine with 30% masculinity..believe me, you are fashion goddess! for best influence, google for Nicole Richie or Natalie Portman..they are super-fashion icon! Nicole richie with the boyfriend's jacket and Portman with her long dress and military jacket! woahh..hell of applause..i love it!

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