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Sunday, 6 March 2011


Do you still remember the snow white and the poisonous apple story? My sister Michelle really into fairytale stuff..so..here is how i pictured the fairytale based on my very humble view..haha
There was a beautiful fairy..she used to take care of mother nature..blablablas...
One day..she felt so hungry..and the only food  available was red apple..err..she found it somewhere inside the forest  which also known as 'The dwarf lalaland'..
..so..because of her uncontrollable hunger and starvation, she said "whatever..it's good for my diet blablaaa"
..So the next thing i know..it was a poisonous apple..and greedy is too suicidal...poor fairy..hehee..
p/s: err..sorry sis..just for fun;p anyway..she's the model for this pixturgraphy!

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