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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


- B . U . S . T . E . D - - - B . U . S . T . E . D - - - B . U . S . T . E . D - 

Have you ever experienced running in Eden garden and suddenly you fell and when you succeeded to stand on your own, you heard a loud laugh and applause of shame from person you admire the most? heyy..now change the loud laugh to anger from somebody..and what if the somebody is your..err..i don't know..maybe someone you respect or love..blabla..goshh..it will be the day you gonna hide like forever..or..well..maybe it's my day..Oo..Candace's curse is on me..and I am now "Phineas & Ferb".. Candace smiles, points her finger on me..says "You gonna get BUSTED!" Goshh..

"It wasn't me D**...wasn't me!!" Swing my hands saying NO! NO! I am not afraid anyway.. I am just ashamed to face the questions asked later..nghehee..well..let it be..sooner or later..it will be just another forgotten thingy..lol..Until another busted post..?

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